Meet Ypsilos

Established in 2021, focused on full-spectrum HHC products.

What started as enthusiastic users of CBD/HHC/THC, frustrated with the generally low-quality imported products, in 2021 we’ve decided to create YPSILÓS.

YPSILÓS strives to offer a transparent, and constant range of the highest quality possible full-spectrum Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) supplements, derived from Cannabis Sativa L. hemp plants.

All our extracts are made within the EU to adhere to all the rules and regulations which have been established by the EU.

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FEELING LIKE YPSILÓS · high(hai).adj.

{yp-silos} noun

We're continuously expanding!

We're always looking to expand our distributor network with new resellers who are looking to enter the full-spectrum HHC world.

Simply fill out the distributor form located on the contact page to come in contact with our sales representatives.