Established in 2021, focused on full-spectrum cannabinoid products.

Are you tired of using low-quality imported cannabinoid products? Look no further! YPSILÓS is here to provide you with the highest quality full-spectrum cannabinoid products on the market.

As enthusiastic users of cannabinoids, we understand the frustration of constantly having to settle for subpar products. That’s why we decided to create YPSILÓS in 2021 – to offer a better alternative.

At YPSILÓS, we believe in transparency and consistency. That’s why we strive to provide a constant range of high-quality full-spectrum cannabinoid products, derived from Cannabis Sativa L. hemp plants. All of our extracts are made within the EU to adhere to the strict rules and regulations established by the EU.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your cannabinoid products. Choose YPSILÓS and experience the difference in quality and transparency.

“Experience the difference with YPSILÓS cannabinoids.”

At YPSILÓS, we are proud to offer a range of top-quality full-spectrum cannabinoid products, including our line of premium vapes. Our vapes are designed to provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids, while delivering a smooth and satisfying experience.

Our vape collection includes a variety of strains, each with its unique profile and flavour. From the potent and pungent weed to the smooth and earthy haze, our vapes are made from the finest Cannabis Sativa L. hemp plants, ensuring the highest quality and potency.

For those who prefer a stronger and more intense experience, we offer our popular hash vape. Made from pure cannabinoids resin extracted from carefully selected hemp plants, our hash vape delivers a potent and flavourful hit that is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned cannabinoid users.

And for those who love a classic strain, our amnesia haze vape is the perfect choice. This award-winning strain is renowned for its potent effects and delicious flavour, and our vape delivers all of that and more.

No matter which vape you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting a premium product that is made with care and precision. So why wait? Try our vapes today and experience the difference that YPSILÓS can make in your cannabinoid journey.

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We're continuously expanding!

At YPSILÓS, we are committed to bringing the highest-quality cannabinoids to people around the world. That’s why we are constantly looking for new distributors to join our reseller network and help us expand our reach.

Currently, we are primarily active in Europe and North America, but we are always looking for new opportunities to grow and bring our products to new markets. By joining our reseller network, you will have access to our full range of top-quality cannabinoid products, including our vapes, haze, weed, and hash. You will also benefit from our commitment to quality and transparency, as well as our dedication to providing excellent customer service.

Whether you are an established distributor or a new player in the market, we welcome you to join us in our mission to bring cannabinoids to people around the world. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a YPSILÓS distributor and join us in our mission to elevate the world.


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