Ypsilos offers a range of full-spectrum of cannabinoid supplements derived from high-quality Cannabis Sativa L. hemp plants. Prioritizing transparency and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.

Our own line of premium vaping products boasting the finest blend available in Europe. Our team has meticulously designed our very own vape pod system and mini disposables to deliver unparalleled nicotine and cannabinoid vaping experience. Established in 2021, Ypsilos is dedicated to producing top-notch full-spectrum cannabinoid products that exceed all expectations.

Our journey began as passionate cannabinoid users who were tired of settling for low-quality imported products. Driven by a desire to revolutionize the industry, we launched YPSILÓS to offer superior vaping solutions made with only the finest extracts available. To ensure the highest quality standards, all our extracts are sourced and manufactured within the EU, meticulously following all rules and regulations.

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EST. 2021

Product range

Carefully selected full-spectrum products, all our extracts are made within the EU to adhere to all the rules and regulations which have been established by the EU.

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Premium vaping products made from 100% organic, high-quality ingredients.


YPSILÓS is committed to providing the highest quality cannabinoid products on the market. All of our extracts are made within the EU to adhere to the strict rules and regulations established by the EU, ensuring the highest quality and potency.


We believe in transparency and consistency in all of our products. That’s why we strive to provide a constant range of high-quality full-spectrum cannabinoid supplements, derived from Cannabis Sativa L. hemp plants.


We offer a wide range of cannabinoid products, including vapes, haze, weed, and hash. This variety ensures that our customers can find the perfect product to suit their needs.


YPSILÓS is always looking for ways to innovate and improve our products. We are constantly researching and developing new cannabinoid products to ensure that our customers have access to the latest and most effective products on the market.

Customer service

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance to our customers.


Our products are made from carefully selected hemp plants, ensuring a potent and effective experience.

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Feeling like Ypsilos · high(hai).adj.

{yp-silos} noun; Established in 2021, focused on full-spectrum cannabinoid products.

Introducing Ypsilos – the fresh face of the vaping and edibles scene. At Ypsilos, we pay homage to the god of HIGH who inspires us to embrace our natural inclination towards freedom, despite the increasing constraints of society.

We’re here for everyone who wants to take a step back from the fast-paced, stress-filled life and enjoy the simple pleasures. Ypsilos offers a way to relax and unwind, to let loose and live like a god. Join us and discover a new world of possibilities where every day feels like a divine adventure.

About us

Quality and transparency

At Ypsilós, we place a strong emphasis on quality and transparency in everything we do. When my co-founders and I started the company, we recognized a significant need for high-quality cannabinoid supplements in the market. We were determined to create a brand that not only met this need but also set a new standard for quality and transparency in the industry.

From our very first day, we have been guided by our commitment to delivering only the best to our customers. Our focus on quality and transparency is at the heart of everything we do, from sourcing the finest ingredients to providing detailed information about our products composition.

About us

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